Teriyaki Chicken Ramen with Chicken Collagen Broth (580g/box)

Teriyaki Chicken Ramen with Chicken Collagen Broth (580g/box)


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Turn yourself into a ramen master and enjoy restaurant-quality ramen in the comfort of your own home – all within minutes! Premium ingredients are simmered for 8 hours to fully extract their flavour and nutrients. This gives our chicken collagen broth a rich texture and full flavour, all without adding MSG, preservatives & artificial flavouring. Each individually packed Ramen Kit comes with ramen noodles, creamy chicken collagen soup base and teriyaki chicken.

Serving Instructions:

1. Put frozen broth packet and teriyaki chicken packet into boiling water for 10-15 mins. No thawing needed. OR: if thawed, empty the broth into a pot and bring to boil. Lightly pan-fry the chicken for extra crispiness!

2. In another pot, bring water to boil. Remove ramen noodles from its packaging and cook for 3 mins, stirring to separate them fully; Cook longer if you prefer softer noodles.

3. Drain the ramen and set aside in a bowl. Slice and place teriyaki chicken on top.

4. Pour piping hot broth into the bowl and enjoy!

Tip: Add soft boiled egg or nori seaweed strips to jazz up your ramen!

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