VIETJOY Lotus Leaf Tea (20 teabags x 2g)

VIETJOY Lotus Leaf Tea (20 teabags x 2g)

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Lotus tea is an infusion made from lotus leaves, flowers, roots, fruit, seeds, and embryos. It is known as linch in Chinese and yeoncha in Korean. Gives off mellow & fragrance taste. A cooling and refreshing tea that calms the mind and body, making it a great meditation tea. Benefits of Lotus tea: •Anti-inflammatory •Improve blood circulation and increase energy levels •Helps in Digestion Steps: 1.Put one tea bag into a cup 2.Pour 150ml -250ml of boiling water 3.Wait for 3-5 minutes 4.Serve cold/ hot depending on your liking Add sugar/honey if required Storage: Keep in cool and dry places. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Our tea has no sugar added to it. Hence, if you feel that it is a little bitter, add a teaspoon of sugar/honey Our tests reports were conducted to ensure that the tea we are serving are healthy for consumers. In addition, we have no sugar added (all sugar content comes from the tea leaf itself) and no preservatives added. Hence, order yours today!

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