Spritzer Distilled Water (12 bot x 1.5L) (ctn)
22 October 2020
Spritzer Distilled Water (2 bot x 9.5L) (ctn)
22 October 2020
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Spritzer Distilled Water (2 bot x 6L) (ctn)

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What’s better than a natural filtration system where water is extracted from a body of permeable rock for the best mineral water, 420 feet below a tropical rainforest. This natural underground filtration rock is known as aquifer. When the water passes through many layers of rock strata, it will be infused with essential minerals such as Orthoslicic Acid (OSA) that will promotes healthier bones, hair and nails.
It also helps reduce the risk of aluminium toxicity which causes dementia and Alzheimer’s, enhance your overall health and well-being. This ph7.4 mineral water is kept at its best quality and kept away from all pollutants through Spritzer’s unique conservation measures in its private protected reserve.

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