Madeleine Premix (150g)
13 November 2020
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13 November 2020
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Mini Sponge Cake Premix (150g)

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Try our easy to make mini sponge cake premix! It is high in protein, sweetened by naturally derived low Glycemic Index sugars and is clinically-tested to avoid drastically increasing your blood sugar level. Prebiotic fibres are also added to improve your gut health. Just need eggs, water, oil and your electrical mixer and oven; and you are on your way to indulge on these healthy tasty treats.  This product is suitable for diabetics, health-conscious individuals as well as children.

  • Made with non-GMO soy protein and prebiotic fibres
  • High in Protein
  • Clinically tested to avoid drastically increasing your blood sugar level
  • Sweetened by low Glycemic Index sugars
  • Made in Singapore
  • Weight of premix: 150 g

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