Gold Kili Instant 3-in-1 Black Sesame Cereal (25g x 12 sachets)
30 September 2020
Heng’s Chicken Curry Sauce [Bundle of 5](5 x 200g)
30 September 2020
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Gold Kili Instant Oats Cereal (28g x 20 sachets)

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Oat and Cereal are great sources of antioxidant and dietary fibre. Blended with Instant Cereal, fortified with *Inulin, and with no added cane sugar, it is definitely a healthy, simple and delicious breakfast beverage that suits all ages. *Inulin is a group of naturally occurring polysaccharides which is simple sugars produced by many types of plants and a form of soluble fibre. Inulin is known to increase calcium absorption while promoting the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria.

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