Eco Thai Stingless Bee Honey (box) (1 btl x 500g)

Eco Thai Stingless Bee Honey (box) (1 btl x 500g)

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Stingless Bee is tropical insect that origin in Africa continent. It has 2-3 times smaller size than bee, without sting and not vicious. Plants pollination is directly beneficial to Thai farmers because fruiting some plants needs stingless bee to pollinate for increasing products of fruit trees. Stingless bee honey have superior value as opposed to existing honey, it has higher medicinal properties because they collects tree gums and resins in building their hive for storage honey and bee pollen, therefore is has quality of relief and healing some diseased of human. Stingless bee honey have sourish ending taste due to their entrance and exit tube of hive is narrow, they cannot evaporate moisture of honey as well, therefore it is a kind of natural fermented processing inside of their hive. Generally, stingless bee is mainly collect pollen for 80% and nectar just only for 20% and due to their physical size, it need 1 year to harvest the matured honey which is about 1 tablespoon per a hive.

Benefit of consumption i.e. improve skin complexion, detoxification, anti-cancer, improve eyesight, improve bowel movement, energize/revitalize body, increase immune system and etc

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