THAI RICHY Organic Raw Wild Honey Bucket + Raw lychee Honey (580g)
21 October 2020
Eco Thai Stingless Bee Honey (box) (1 btl x 500g)
21 October 2020
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Eco Thai Propolis Raw Honey Mix (Box) (1 btl x 440g)

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Eco Thai Bee Propolis was extracted from Stingless bee hives in Thai Richy Farm and mixed it with Organic Raw Honey.
Bee Propolis is a mixture of gum & resin prepared by bees for making and repair hive as well as medicines for sick bees.
Only 2 ingredients used here – Raw Honey and Bee Propolis. No additives or preservatives added. 100% Natural.
Having remarkable healing properties, its extract has been used as natural antiseptic since ancient times. Its properties are well known for alternative medicine practitioner in modern days.
Propolis has the values of anti-baterial, antivirus and anti fungi, anti-inflammatory, helps in stimulate immune system, anti-bacteria, virus and mold, anti-inflamation in stomach and intestine, protect oral diseases, mouth ulcer, coughing, sore throat and tolsillitis.

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