Almond Culture Black Sesame (6 bottles x 240ml)
23 September 2020
First Brew Agar Agar Yam (1kg/Box)
23 September 2020
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Almond Culture Mixed (6 bottles x 240ml)


“Quinoa & Black Sesame

Almond Culture is a drink fortified with 2 very important ingredients, Lac-shield strain and prebiotic Inulin. Not only the product can boosts our immunity, clinical studies has shown that Lac-Shield strain strengthens anti-infection capability in the respiratory organ, whereas, prebiotic inulin promotes the growth of good Bifidus bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system.

Halal | No Preservatives | No Added Colourings | Homemade Traditions | Produced in Singapore

#culture #prebiotics #probiotics #almond #supportlocal #immunity #cold #flu”

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