Almond Bird Nest (3 Bottles x 200ml)
28 September 2020
John Farmer Roasted Peanuts Hot Chili (120g)
29 September 2020
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Almond Bird Nest (6 Bottles/200ml)

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We made the Almond Milk from scratch in-house (Made with Nan Xing Bei Xing)

• Nourishes lungs • Relieves cough • Strengthen bones

Bird’s nests were once consumed only by the Chinese Emperor and the Royal Family as they were believed to prolong lifespan. Besides, they also boast a high nutritional value that contributes to good health, especially the skin, since they contain sialic acid. Taking genuine Almond Bird’s Nest regularly will help maintain your body metabolism, as well as boost your immune and digestive systems. Oh, and your luminous skin too! Moreover, we made the Almond milk in-house from the raw almond seeds, and we brewed the liquid with Pandan leaves.

No Preservatives | No Added Colourings | Homemade Traditions | Produced in Singapore

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